Let me be clear I never write reviews. But Ashok Bail got my daughter compensated after her job wrongfully let her go and discriminated against her. The guy went to them made thier a*s apologize and pay her an handsome amount of money. Mr Bail thank you. I’m crying writting this , from day one you were honest, straight forward and always followed up. Save your self the search hire this attorney

I was dealing with extremely vile and horrible racism at work that lead to discrimination. I felt like my back was against the wall and no one could help me in the situation. I was disrespected and mistreated at my job. I came across an attorney name Ashok Bail with the all these great reviews and comments. I called him up and he was very honest, kind, direct and one cool attorney. I immediately hired him and boy was it the best decision I made to help deal with the discrimination at work. I even discovered that when the other party found out whom my attorney was they got scarred and started to backed down. Attorney Ashok Bail went to war with these people, fought tooth and nail and made them come clean, admit to fault and most importantly PAY UP !! The best thing about him is he has to be honestly one the most intelligent and knowledgeable attorneys I’ve ever spoken with. He’s always accessible, consistent, honest , and knows what the heck he’s doing. If your job did you wrong and discriminated do your self a favor and hire this Pit Bull of a lawyer, 5 STARS for Attorney ASHOK BAIL!!!!

I was very grateful to have Mr. Ashok represent me in a discrimination case against my formal employer. He was quick on responding back via email/telephone.
He was very professional and knowledgeable. I am very pleased with the outcome. Highly recommended.

I have received consultations from Ashok during two different periods over the past six months.

His advice on both occassions was to use a lawsuit as a last resort and provided counsel that a lawyer was not needed currently but may be needed if the situation worsens.

After speaking during the second period, he quoted rates for different situations in my case where I should pursue legal council. His quotes were reasonable and well within the expected legal fees for my case given the various scenarios.

If my situation does not improve and I need the services of a lawyer, Ashok will certainly be that lawyer!

Mr. Bail was by far one of the nicest and most honest attorneys I have ever dealt with. With his help and expertise, I was able to settle my case with very favorable results. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so. He is an anomaly. He is a lawyer that truly cares about the welfare of his client. I was not just a client or a file to go through. He treated me with complete respect from beginning to end. All of this wrapped up in a legal expertise that is unmatched.

After almost 15 years within the my industry, I was terminated on the grounds of poor performance. This is just after getting several service awards for outstanding customer service. At first I was hurt and shocked. I knew this was wrong. I decided to look for help. After getting the run around for a few months, I eventually would get someone on my side that could fight back in a legal way. I can’t get into the details, but can say I was able to throw the last legal punch and enjoyed it all the way to the bank. If you are looking for someone to represent you, put the mouse down. Your search ends here. Thanks Ashok!!!!!

Mr. Ashok Bail competently provide the quality of service one hopes to find at a large law firm, combined with a high level of personal attention to detail, and a fee structure clients can appreciate. Mr. Bail strongly believes that the client is entitled to the very highest level of service. It is also important that the size and scope of a client’s legal needs are recognized. A characteristic I looked for and found in Mr. Bail is responsiveness: Mr. Bail is well aware of the importance of being available to his clients when needed. If he is occupied during the business day he returns phone calls and e-mails as quickly as possible. I appreciate his extensive knowledge and expertise in employment/labor law as well as civil rights and discrimination. He also displays a “client-first” attitude. Mr. Bail believes the client, not the attorney, should determine the style and quantity of legal services to be provided. An attorney needs to listen to his client, fully understand his/her needs, and work within that context. From the moment he accepted my case to the present, Mr. Bail has kept me abreast of every step taken and ensured that I not only be informed of every legal decision made, but that I have final say. His professionalism, dedication, knowledge of the law, and genuinely expressed interest in my legal circumstance have gained Ashok my trust, respect and gratitude.

I hired Ashok to help with an employment case. I won my case. If you need a lawyer to help you with an employment case , I highly recommend Ashok Bail.

Ashok Bail believed in me and my case, when no one else gave me the consideration to listen to my case. I went through a traumatic situation at work and Ashok patiently and empathetically listened to all the details and was there through the whole legal process to clearly explain everything to me and support me. I had 100% confidence that he was on my side and there to represent and fight my case for me. Ashok Bail is professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I am truly grateful he took the time to listen to me, take my case and represent me.

Mr. Bail represented me in my case against a past employer and was very successful. He kept me very informed and was “spot on” when it came to advice. I could sense his trustworthiness the minute I walked into his office. I would definitely recommend Mr. Bail to any looking for an attorney who’s not afaid to stand up to major corporations on your behalf.